The question of marriage comes up virtually in all conversation when one has reached a particular age and this is becoming quite annoying. On that note,let’s talk about the pressure of marriage from friends and family.
Our parent should realise this is not getting funny anymore.I get they mean well but that non stop question is irritating.Am I God that will send a boo?😩
There was a period in my life that if a friend tells me she is getting married,I feel excited for her but now I am just happy for the person but that marriage excitement is no longer there .Don’t get me wrong,it’s not jealously but I just find myself not really hyped and all I can do is to force that laughter when making talking.
You ladies don’t even help matter because you start asking questions like but xxxxx is okay,so why are you guys not making any plans?or statements like,don’t worry it will soon be your turn.Did I tell you I am worried?
On this note,let me stop my ramblings.
Share your experience on this issue.😚😚


2 thoughts on “WHEN WILL YOU MARRY?

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